Roll Her Sleeves specializes in custom murals – the perfect way to personalize a space or bring vibrance to the exterior of your building. From consultation to design to completion, we’ll help you accomplish your vision.

The Mural Process: Concept

At Roll Her Sleeves, this is our favourite part of the painting process! No limitations. Virtually anything you can imagine, we can do. We will ask you to do some research on your own such as gathering pictures and images of not only things that interest you, but certain styles as well. Do you like traditional painting styles, architectural painting styles, street art painting styles?


The next part of the process is to narrow down our ideas and styles. We will assess everything we have talked about and come back with three different mock-ups of what the mural will look like.


We believe in recycling paint and have an impressive collection of colours from past work. Which means, we can mix almost any custom colour for your project without having to buy it, reducing costs for you, while promoting a greener environment.


Once we have decided on the final mural design, we will print out an outline of it, and project it on the area to be painted. Projection allows us to agree on the size and placement of the mural, while giving you an idea of space and the final image before we start painting.


Once the art is complete, we will glaze it with either a matte or high gloss finish and provide you with care instructions and what to do should you ever wish to paint over it.